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Doors and decorative doorlites

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Doors and decorative doorlites

Add character to your home with our doors and decorative doorlites. Whether you choose a modern or more classic style, be assured of the quality of our products.

In addition, all the doors we produce are equipped with the revolutionary Thermica threshold system:

  • Made of 100% PVC and aluminum without wood insert
  • Superior design of the water drainage principle
  • Superior overall weather protection
  • Complete maintenance with our brushless system
  • Unmatched durability  • Double weatherstripping system including one in high-performance Neoprene
  • Increased performance against air and water infiltration
  • Threshold coated with high quality aluminum

Our Promotional Selection -  Novatech

Our Promotional Selecton - Verre Select

Combination of Stained Glass

Benefits of The Thermica system

Multipoint Lock


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